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  • Think Beautiful

    Think Beautiful

    Although we’ve been up and running for a few months I have yet to post news of Think Beautiful – my new design agency.  Think Beautiful Design Ltd was founded to offer up a host of services from website design to illustration – branding to packaging. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate […]

  • Wahaca Edinburgh

    Wahaca Edinburgh

    It has long been an ambition to visit Edinburgh and despite visiting Scotland many times, finally this year I made it to this wonderful city in festival season. All thanks to my on-going art consultancy work for Wahaca. For this site it was a pleasure to work with American artist Max Rippon, someone whose art I have admired and […]

  • Wahaca Chichester

    Wahaca Chichester

    It’s been a busy summer for my art consultancy work with Wahaca, first to report, from early August is the new site in Chichester. For some time I’ve wanted to work with Italian artist Gola Hundun and this space seemed like the perfect place for his style of work. Based in Barcelona, Gola has played a big […]

  • Inti & Alexis Diaz in Sao Paulo

    Inti & Alexis Diaz in Sao Paulo

    Two artists I admire and like to follow Inti from Chile and Alexis Diaz from Puerto Rico sent me an update from their latest collaborative mural project. Painted for the Obra Festival and held in my favourite city I can only wish I was there right now! It’s great to see their two distinctive styles […]

  • Le Super Demon for Wahaca Manchester

    Le Super Demon for Wahaca Manchester

    It was a great pleasure some weeks ago to work with Mexican artist Le Super Demon to create interior murals at Wahaca’s new site in Manchester. Raúl Sisniega aka Le Super Demon is an artist and designer based in Mexico City who has fascinated me for a while – I love his use of colourful geometric patterns that are the […]

  • Will Barras for Wahaca Bristol

    Will Barras for Wahaca Bristol

    Finally a local Wahaca in Bristol – closest to me before was Cardiff – so wonderful news and great to be involved in commissioning painting wizard Will Barras for this one… I guess the best way to show this is in the film we made about it – produced by Upsides media for Wahaca Although […]

  • Ricardo Cavolo for Wahaca Liverpool St.

    Ricardo Cavolo for Wahaca Liverpool St.

    Catching up on Wahaca projects again!… This one was another nice one to do although a logistical nightmare when it came to the painting but in the end it looks wonderful – thanks Ricardo, Softroom and Wahaca.. Ricardo Cavolo is a Spanish artist who has been based in Brighton, UK for some years but is […]

  • Goodchild for Wahaca Kentish Town

    Goodchild for Wahaca Kentish Town

    It’s been a busy year from my art consultancy with Mexican Street Food maestro’s Wahaca – so catching up on our latest installations – here’s one we did earlier… For the Kentish Town site (above the iconic Underground station) we wanted to support a local artist and at the same time find someone who could […]

  • More Rich-mixing

    More Rich-mixing

    With no blog posts for five months it looks like I’ve closed! But its the opposite – I’ve been burning the midnight oil on many art and design projects to be revealed and blogged about in the coming weeks and months; including a new book to be published by Thames and Hudson in Spring 2016, art […]

  • 44 Flavours for Wahaca Cardiff

    44 Flavours for Wahaca Cardiff

    A little late posting this but better late than never… Continuing my on-going curation role with Wahaca it was exciting to be in Cardiff recently working on their first site outside of London… Having been a fan for some years it was a pleasure to invite the Berlin based dynamic duo (Julio and Sebastian) also […]