Collection of books by Tristan Manco – Photo: Mark Vessey

Tristan Manco is the author of ten books published by Thames and Hudson, and a contributor of many other books and publications.


The Stencil Graffiti Handbook published by Thames and Hudson, June 2020 (author/art direction)
Are We There Yet? published by The Drugstore Gallery, Nov 2016 (author/design)
Make Your Mark  published by Thames and Hudson, April 2016
(author/art direction)
Big Art / Small Art  published by Thames and Hudson, September 2014 (author/art direction)
Raw + Material = Art: Found, Scavenged and Upcycled– published by Thames and Hudson, 2012 (author/art direction)
Street Sketchbook Journeys – published by Thames and Hudson, 2010 (author/art direction/cover design)
60: Innovators Shaping Our Creative Future – Street World chapter – published by Thames and Hudson, 2009 (author)
Street Sketchbook published by Thames and Hudson, 2007
(author/art direction/cover design)
Graffiti Brasil published by Thames and Hudson, 2005 (co-author/art direction)
Graffiti World published by Thames and Hudson, 2004 (editor)
Street Logos published by Thames and Hudson, 2004 (author/art direction)
Stencil Graffiti published by Thames and Hudson, 2002
(author/art direction/cover design)

A selection of books I have contributed to in the form of forwards, artist texts or interviews

Co-authored Books

Forward for Hugo Kaagman Stencil King book – published by Lebowski, 2009
Graphic Activism, Interview, Southampton University Press, 2009
Interview for Pop Up! Arte Contemporanea Nello Spazio Urbano, 2010
Forward for Vhils, Selected works 2005 – 2010 – published by Lebowski, September 2010
Forward for Sickboy:Busted Parachute – October 2010
Forward for Above: Passport – published by Zero+, September 2011
‘Medium is the Mess Age’ essay written for Eloquent Vandals. The History of Nuart – published by Kontur Publishing, November 2011
Extramuros: Chroniques d’un globe-painter, Julien Malland, (co-author) 2012
Forward for Revolution Graffiti: Street Art of the New Egypt (2013)
Vaggelis Hoursoglou artist essay (2013)
Klaus Dauven: Horang-ee – published by Die Neue Sachlichkeit (2014)
Anthony Lister: Adventure Painter – coauthor (2014)
Bue the Warrior, Lannoo Publishers – coauthor (2014)
Time Traveller Artist Man, Giacomo Bufarini aka Run, Unicorn – coauthor (2015)
Are We There Yet? A Day Trip to Banksy’s Dismaland and other stories – coauthor (2016)
Wall Drawings, Urban Icons, Mac Lyon, contributing author (2016)
La Escocesa catalogue, contributing author (2017)
Banksy’s Dismaland & Others exhibition catalogue text – Völklinger Hütte (2018)
Art For Social Change – Dismaland and other Stories Biennale 2015 Lecture Catalogue – Völklinger Hütte (2019)
Melim, essay text – Daniel Melim book – published by Studio Treze (2019)
Claudio Ethos, artist book text (2020)
Tec Fase, artist book text (2020)
AEC, InteresniKazki – Mythgazing, essay (2021)
GOIN, The Art of GOIN, artist text (2021)
Concrete Playground, Lannoo Publishers, introductory essay (2022)

Creative Review Stencil Cover
A selection of Creative Review issues, where articles I worked on made the front cover! Stencil Graffiti, Lambe-lambe & Chicha Posters


“The Paris Commune” – article published in Creative Review June 2003
“How artists took over the street without your permission” – article published in Maison Neuve Magazine (Canada) August 2004
“Painting Outside The Box” – article on freight train art published in Modart Magazine, Issue 2, 2005
“Pictoplasma 2006” – article for Modart Magazine, 2006
“The Process of Belief” – feature on the artist Calma – Modart Magazine Issue 14, 2007
“Santa’s Ghetto” article on Santa’s Ghetto in Bethlehem – Modart Magazine Issue 15, 2008
“The Cans Festival” feature on the Cans Festival, London – Modart Magazine Issue 18, 2008
Bonhams Urban Art Auction article – Design Week, 2008
Lambe Lambe feature article – Creative Review, January 2009
Chicha Posters – article concept – Creative Review, January 2010
Basco Vasko article – Juxtapoz, 2010
Roa article – Juxtapoz, 2011
Escif interview – Juxtapoz, 2011
10 Best Street Artworks article  – Observer Magazine, August 2011
Fundamentals of Street Art – Huck Magazine, January 2012
The Brazilian illustration scene article – Varoom Magazine (17), 2012
Seth the Global Painter article – Varoom Magazine (19), 2012
Maurizio Cattelan and Georg Baselitz articles – Huck Magazine (37), 2013
Interesni Kazki article – Varoom Magazine, 2013
Horfee article – Varoom Magazine, 2014
Run in Rhythm article – Varoom Magazine, 2016
Banksy’s Dismaland & Others exhibition catalogue text – Völklinger Hütte, 2018
Himed & Reyben / Activism article – Varoom Magazine, 2018
Art For Social Change – Dismaland and other Stories Biennale 2015 Lecture Catalogue – Völklinger Hütte , 2019
Tano Veron article – Varoom Magazine, 2020
Jann Haworth – Work in Progress introductory text – Granary Arts, 2021
Intimacy article – Varoom Magazine, 2021