Art director and author, Tristan Manco has forged a creative career by following his passion for art, music, and design. Resulting in a varied portfolio of overlapping disciplines from illustration and graphic design to writing and curation.  Key to his process is a keenness for collaboration, which began as a kid making home-made comics with friends, that were sold at the local comic store.

Since then, he has continued to seek out the magical spark that comes from working with others. This has led Manco to form numerous partnerships with inspiring artists, photographers, and musicians – to make all kinds of projects including books, films, products, and exhibitions.

80s Dancers illustration
The Stencil Graffiti Handbook
published by Thames and Hudson
Lucas Santtana Music Packaging for Mais Um – Graphic Design and Illustration

Curiosity also drives his creative path, with an eagerness to travel, explore and research different topics that he finds interesting. For over twenty years Manco has been an advocate of the Street Art movement, supporting many International artists in their endeavours through writing, lectures, exhibitions, and mural projects. He has also published articles and books on varied topics including; recycled and sustainable art-forms, art for social justice and Latin American vernacular typography