Inti & Alexis Diaz in Sao Paulo

Alexis Diaz

02_AlexisDiaz-INTI_O-BRA festival_SaoPaulo-Brasil_2015_WEB

Two artists I admire and like to follow Inti from Chile and Alexis Diaz from Puerto Rico sent me an update from their latest collaborative mural project.

05_AlexisDiaz-INTI_O-BRA festival_SaoPaulo-Brasil_2015_WEB

Painted for the Obra Festival and held in my favourite city I can only wish I was there right now!

07_AlexisDiaz-INTI_O-BRA festival_SaoPaulo-Brasil_2015_WEB

It’s great to see their two distinctive styles merging together in this one piece created in good time for Dia de las Muertos.

Talking of which I am currently working with Mexican Street Artists Lapiztola to paint a new Wahaca restaurant in Liverpool and then on to take part in Wahaca’s Dia de las Muertos festival this weekend in London.

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