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  • Lapiztola – Wahaca Liverpool

    Lapiztola – Wahaca Liverpool

    Late last year I was very lucky to work with the fantastic street art duo Lapiztola on a number of projects. Rosario Martinez and Roberto Vega are two hugely talented artists and graphic designers who created the Lapiztola Collective in 2006 initially in response to political events in Oaxaca, Mexico. Primarily using stencils their works…

  • Inti & Alexis Diaz in Sao Paulo

    Inti & Alexis Diaz in Sao Paulo

    Two artists I admire and like to follow Inti from Chile and Alexis Diaz from Puerto Rico sent me an update from their latest collaborative mural project. Painted for the Obra Festival and held in my favourite city I can only wish I was there right now! It’s great to see their two distinctive styles…