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Wahaca Winchester Restaurant design, Mural commission, Gola Hundun

Gola Hundun

It’s been a busy summer for my art consultancy work with Wahaca, first to report, from early August is the new site in Chichester. For some time I’ve wanted to work with Italian artist Gola Hundun and this space seemed like the perfect place for his style of work. Based in Barcelona, Gola has played a big part of the local street art and mural painting culture, often collaborating with many artists. While his own practice focuses on the themes of flora and fauna given a magical treatment. As well as his stunning and often large scale murals he has recently been focusing on sculptural and land art work – working with natural materials and combining art with horticulture.


Gola produced some fantastic work using a quetzalcoatl motif and bold use of gold to create a shimmering sun background. He also was great company – I even got to help with a little part of the painting. We made a film where Gola explains his work and in particular this piece.

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