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  • Wahaca Chichester

    Wahaca Chichester

    It’s been a busy summer for my art consultancy¬†work with Wahaca, first to report, from early August is the new site in Chichester.¬†For some time I’ve wanted to work with Italian artist Gola Hundun and this space seemed like the perfect place for his style of work. Based in Barcelona, Gola has played a big…

  • Will Barras for Wahaca Bristol

    Will Barras for Wahaca Bristol

    Finally a local Wahaca in Bristol – closest to me before was Cardiff – so wonderful news and great to be involved in commissioning painting wizard Will Barras for this one… I guess the best way to show this is in the film we made about it – produced by Upsides media for Wahaca Although…

  • Goodchild for Wahaca Kentish Town

    Goodchild for Wahaca Kentish Town

    It’s been a busy year from my art consultancy with Mexican Street Food maestro’s Wahaca – so catching up on our latest installations – here’s one we did earlier… For the Kentish Town site (above the iconic Underground station) we wanted to support a local artist and at the same time find someone who could…