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  • Dance T-Shirt Designs

    Dance T-Shirt Designs

    Music and dance have been a big influence on my art over the years. Listening to music – always conjures up images to draw. Which has led to creating these new t-shirt designs using my own illustrations – Boogie Down original t-shirt designs available here in four colour options for pre-order here:   Electric […]

  • Jean Manco – The Origins of the Anglo-Saxons

    Jean Manco – The Origins of the Anglo-Saxons

    2018 has been a personally difficult year with the passing of my mum, Jean Manco, earlier in March. She was hugely inspirational to me and naturally I held her at the centre of my life, forever influencing my values and outlook on life. I was immensely proud of what she achieved, academically and in way […]

  • World Illustration Awards

    World Illustration Awards

    Earlier this year I was pleased to be invited to be one of the judges of the Association of Illustrators World Illustration Awards in the Site Specific category. There was a good quality of entries this year in this category but finally the winner is now announced as London based illustrator and animator Ben Glover for […]

  • DIY Zine Workshop for Diffusion festival

    DIY Zine Workshop for Diffusion festival

    Earlier in May, 2017 I was pleased to be asked to run a zine workshop as part of the Diffusion festival‘s free DIY season at the Googlespace in Cardiff, facilitated by Buzz Magazine. We started with a quick discussion about Zine culture, historical background and production and then shared with the group the many practical techniques […]

  • Are We There Yet? Book design

    Are We There Yet? Book design

    It’s been eight months in production but I’m pleased to announce that Are We There Yet?, A Day Trip to Banky’s Dismaland and Other Stories, a photographic-documentary book I designed for photographer Barry Cawston is now at the press with copies expected in three weeks. While I’ve worked on many large books before as an author for […]

  • Wahaca Edinburgh

    Wahaca Edinburgh

    It has long been an ambition to visit Edinburgh and despite visiting Scotland many times, finally this year I made it to this wonderful city in festival season. All thanks to my on-going art consultancy work for Wahaca. For this site it was a pleasure to work with American artist Max Rippon, someone whose art I have admired and […]

  • Wahaca Chichester

    Wahaca Chichester

    It’s been a busy summer for my art consultancy work with Wahaca, first to report, from early August is the new site in Chichester. For some time I’ve wanted to work with Italian artist Gola Hundun and this space seemed like the perfect place for his style of work. Based in Barcelona, Gola has played a big […]

  • Mazatl for Wahaca Brighton

    Mazatl for Wahaca Brighton

    Catching up on my blogging news it was a pleasure earlier in the year to be able to work with the super talented Mexican artist Mazatl for the creation of artworks at the new Wahaca site in Brighton. Mazatl is a painter and printmaker who lives in Mexico City where he takes part in several collectives seeking […]

  • Sebastien Preschoux at Wahaca Waterloo

    Sebastien Preschoux at Wahaca Waterloo

    Continuing my Wahaca blogging round-up, here is a project which was a pleasure to work on earlier this year. Wahaca had chosen an interesting building to revamp, that had previously been a bank near to Waterloo Station an the Old Vic theatre. The architect had been working along a theme involving threads and wires so […]