DIY Zine Workshop for Diffusion festival

Zine Workshop, Diffusion Festival

Earlier in May, 2017 I was pleased to be asked to run a zine workshop as part of the Diffusion festival‘s free DIY season at the Googlespace in Cardiff, facilitated by Buzz Magazine.

We started with a quick discussion about Zine culture, historical background and production and then shared with the group the many practical techniques the could use; such as collage, letterpress, printmaking. I came loaded with a huge array of resources – zine examples, materials, books etc which all came in handy…

The stars of the day were the work-shoppers who came along to the session, the group were really receptive, productive and engaged. I can’t quite believe how much work was produced in a few hours. Zine-making is a broad and inclusive activity – there is no one approach to it, so through examples and discussion my aim was to enthuse each person to find their own way to express themselves through a self-published format.
Everyone was very quick to find something they wanted to focus on, whether it be a theme, or technique such as collage, typography or painting using a mix of materials we had made available. Overall the work produced was positive, creative  and inquisitive – the session had the feel and commitment you might expect on art school course, but with the relaxed feel of a conversation with friends.
The Buzz team were really helpful, friendly and encouraging – putting the participants at ease and making sure the technicalities such as the photocopy/printer were all taken care of.

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