Ricardo Cavolo for Wahaca Liverpool St.

Ricardo Cavolo work in progress - Wahaca Liverpool St

Catching up on Wahaca projects again!…


This one was another nice one to do although a logistical nightmare when it came to the painting but in the end it looks wonderful – thanks Ricardo, Softroom and Wahaca..

Ricardo Cavolo is a Spanish artist who has been based in Brighton, UK for some years but is now moving to Barcelona. For many reasons he seemed like the perfect match for the Widegate space, on the one hand there is a big influence of Mexican art in his work, and his work is also popular in Mexico having painted a celebratory Frida Kahlo mural in Mexico City and on a more recent trip painted many murals for numerous clients and education projects. At the same time his work has a big following in London, he recently had his illustrated book, “100 Artists to Listen to Before You Die” published in English by East London based publishers NoBrow.Foto 28-9-14 0 00 00

His bright and bold creations – usually made with traditional techniques and materials such as watercolours, inks and acrylics – depict misfit characters in Frida Kahlo-esque folk art tones and bringing them into a contemporary context with cool details like glasses, tattoos, bikes and sneakers. Inspired by tattoo and folk art his designs have the bold and symbolic aesthetics of tattoo, of which he says, “ I love that tattoos can speak about a life; they are a biography in the skin. More than that, tattoos can be magical symbols or talismans.”


For Wahaca he took the theme of animals painting bold portraits of horses, leopards and tigers as well as more abstract totemic icons.


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