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  • Le Super Demon for Wahaca Manchester

    Le Super Demon for Wahaca Manchester

    It was a great pleasure some weeks ago to work with Mexican artist Le Super Demon to create interior murals at Wahaca’s new site in Manchester. Raúl Sisniega aka Le Super Demon is an artist and designer based in Mexico City who has fascinated me for a while – I love his use of colourful geometric patterns that are the […]

  • Goodchild for Wahaca Kentish Town

    Goodchild for Wahaca Kentish Town

    It’s been a busy year from my art consultancy with Mexican Street Food maestro’s Wahaca – so catching up on our latest installations – here’s one we did earlier… For the Kentish Town site (above the iconic Underground station) we wanted to support a local artist and at the same time find someone who could […]

  • 44 Flavours for Wahaca Cardiff

    44 Flavours for Wahaca Cardiff

    A little late posting this but better late than never… Continuing my on-going curation role with Wahaca it was exciting to be in Cardiff recently working on their first site outside of London… Having been a fan for some years it was a pleasure to invite the Berlin based dynamic duo (Julio and Sebastian) also […]

  • Wahaca @ Brixton with SatOne & Roid

    Wahaca @ Brixton with SatOne & Roid

    Since 2012 I have been working with Wahaca, UK specialists in Mexican street food on an arts programme for each of their new spaces. My work for them is partly a curation role, by introducing to them to interesting street artists from around the world and matching the right artist to a particular space or […]

  • Kenor @ Wahaca – Great Portland St

    Kenor @ Wahaca – Great Portland St

    In my continuing curatorial role for Mexican street food experts Wahaca, I was very pleased to invite Kenor from Barcelona to create artworks at their new spot on Great Portland Street, just off Oxford st. I’ve long had a love of Barcelona street art since first travelling their in 1991 and then since 1999 I began to document it […]

  • Goddog @ Wahaca Wimbledon

    Goddog @ Wahaca Wimbledon

    Mexican street food experts Wahaca open their newest restaurant in Wimbledon this week. Following in their on-going arts programme – I was involved in inviting up-and-coming artist GoddoG to create large scale murals for this new space. After first planning beforehand with architectural drawings and sketches we finally got to work with the GoddoG in the space a few weeks ago […]

  • Hcientouno @ Wahaca White City

    Hcientouno @ Wahaca White City

    Finally had time to blog about my work with Wahaca this year, which is set to be a busy one! This will be my third year working with their architectural, design and production teams – helping to create original artworks and installations at each new site. My role is to curate and propose artists that might work well with […]