Wahaca @ Brixton with SatOne & Roid

Wahaca Brixton restaurant design - SatOne and Roid

Since 2012 I have been working with Wahaca, UK specialists in Mexican street food on an arts programme for each of their new spaces. My work for them is partly a curation role, by introducing to them to interesting street artists from around the world and matching the right artist to a particular space or project. This can involve planning with architects, artist liaison, production and documentation.

Former Bradys signage
Former Bradys signage

The most recent site has revamped and utilised a unique building in the heart of Brixton on the corner of Electric Lane that has been empty for 12 years. The building which is much loved by the locals and was a former Railway hostelry and the site of the old Brady’s pub. Above the building run the overground lines and the surrounding area are the famous Brixton markets…

SatOne & Roid paint layers in progress
SatOne & Roid paint layers in progress

Rather than destroy the old layers of history our brief was to work with the exterior and interior surfaces we found. In this regard the chosen artists Roid and SatOne did a fantastic job working together to create art that was sympathetic to the architecture and local life. Having grown up in the area local artist Roid took inspiration from patterns such as the dutch wax african patterns sold in African material shops in the market. The respected German artist SatOne had collaborated numerous times with Roid before and seemed the perfect partner for the commission. Here are a few more shots in progress.



To celebrate the work Wahaca TV undertook interviews with the artists as they were finishing the painting. They spoke about their experience first-hand in producing the work – much better than I can explain here!…




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