Hcientouno @ Wahaca White City

H101 shutters


Finally had time to blog about my work with Wahaca this year, which is set to be a busy one! This will be my third year working with their architectural, design and production teams – helping to create original artworks and installations at each new site.

My role is to curate and propose artists that might work well with each space and then liase and assist appropriately. So far each new installation becomes my new favourite and I’ve enjoyed working with some fantastic artists.


In January we invited Hcientouno (H101) from Barcelona to create designs for Wahaca’s White City site including a mezzanine alcove and ground floor pillars. H101 produced some stunning work improvising around a “Sun Temple” theme – inspired by pre-colombian art.


I’ve been a long time fan of Barcelona’s vibrant street art scene since my first visits there in the early 90s, so it was pleasure to bring over an artist who is a key part of that scene – to bring a splash of Catalonian colour to London.


Hcientouno is a prolific muralist on the streets, with his work often seen on shutter fronts as well as large scale walls. His imagery mixes decorative and symbolic arts influenced by Mexican motifs. With striking use of forms and colour he seemed a perfect match for Wahaca.


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