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  • Antony Lister – Adventure Painter

    Antony Lister – Adventure Painter

    Another late post but towards the end of 2014 saw the publication of Antony Lister – Adventure Painter! It is a terrific book celebrating the work of my favourite antipodean painter, friend and collaborator Mr Lister. Produced by the inimitable Roger Gastman this the most extensive monograph of the artist to date full of sketches […]

  • Visualog – iPhone covers

    Sometime ago I wrote a piece for Varoom magazine about Brazilian illustration which identified current trends and talents coming from this vibrant scene. So it was a pleasure recently to work with a new company called Visualog from Japan to create a series of iPhone covers called Braziliance! using Brazilian artists. The artists we chose […]

  • Daniel Melim at Wahaca Southbank experiment

    Last year it was a pleasure to begin working with Wahaca, purveyors of Mexican street food who are full of innovative ideas. My work with them is in a curation role, by introducing to them interesting street artists from around the world and matching the right artist to a particular space or project. This can […]

  • Manguetown Graffiti & Brazilian Street Art

    I’m taking part in this talk soon (see blurb below) looking forward to finally meeting Derlon, although I’ve been following his career this will be a first meeting! The Embassy of Brazil in London, in collaboration with Instituto BR, proudly presents a round table discussion on Manguetown Grafitti & Brazilian Street Art. The panellists, Derlon […]

  • Zine-making workshop residency

    It is now the end of an enjoyable four months spent leading zine-making workshops at the De La Warr Pavillion in Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex. During this period there were five workshops, open to the public on various Saturdays, where I and my assistant Marian guided participants of all ages to make their own […]

  • Cheltenham Design Festival

    I am pleased to announce my inclusion as a guest speaker at the Cheltenham Design Festival amongst the great and the good including British design gurus Adrian Shaughnessy and Neville Brody. There’s plenty going on over five days starting from Thursday 11th April through to Sunday 14th April – my own talk is bright and early […]

  • Zine workshops @ De La Warr Pavilion

    Zine workshops @ De La Warr Pavilion

    Following on from my recent visit to the Hotseat at the University of Gloucester, where I took part in introducing the BA Graphic students to the world of zines, I am planning to give a series of zine-making workshops to be held over the coming months at the De La Warr Pavilion. The zine workshops are […]

  • Hotseat @ University of Gloucestershire

    I was put in the “Hotseat” this week as I gave a lecture to the BA Graphic Design students at the University of Gloucestershire. I was the last speaker of 10 visiting the students in the hotseat programme. The third year students had created the hotseat project to document the visiting lectures, providing notes to the […]

  • Revolution Graffiti – Street Art of the New Egypt

    At the end of last year I was pleased to be asked to write the forward to Mia Gröndahl’s excellent forthcoming book Revolution Graffiti – Street Art of the New Egypt. Revolutionary graffiti and in particular its recent flourishing in countries such as Egypt, Libya and Tunisia is something that I’ve long been fascinated with […]

  • Wahaca Southbank Experiment

    Wahaca Southbank Experiment

    The Wahaca Southbank Experiment is now open! – featuring the vibrant paintings of Remed and Saner. As previously mentioned in my blog Wahaca kindly invited me to curate the production of murals for a bold new experimental site they had planned in the heart of London’s South Bank. After all the preparations and work that had […]