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  • BP oil spill – art responses

    BP’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico makes me so mad – and of course I’m not the only one raging at the recklessness of BP, by all accounts rushing into risky strategies to suck every last drop of oil from the earth at the cost of the planet. So I was at least […]

  • Beyond the Street

    Here’s a book that gets two thumbs up from me and that’s before I’ve even read it – which I’m planning to this weekend. The reason I like it already is not because I am featured in it! – but I admire the work that has gone into it. At least two years of almost […]

  • Blu & Nunca

    Two artists who have consistently excited me over the years are Nunca and Blu. Nunca was one of the artists we featured in Graffiti Brasil and while we were working on the book (in 2004) both myself, Caleb and Lost Art thought him the artist most likely to break through. At the time Os Gemeos, […]

  • Blu and David Ellis

    Blu has been busy with a huge animation production this year – but managed to find some extra time to work on this wonderful collaborative animation with David Ellis at this year’s Fame Festival. Its a wonderful piece of work from two artists famous for their stop frame animation.

  • Santa’s Ghetto Bethlehem

    It was a humbling experience to have been able to assist in Santa’s Ghetto’s 2007 in Bethlehem. Each December for six years running, East London screenprint publishers Pictures on Walls have hosted a “squat art concept store” known as Santa’s Ghetto. Usually the venue is an empty shop space, transformed  into a wonderland of underground […]