Tag: Os Gemeos

  • BP oil spill – art responses

    BP’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico makes me so mad – and of course I’m not the only one raging at the recklessness of BP, by all accounts rushing into risky strategies to suck every last drop of oil from the earth at the cost of the planet. So I was at least […]

  • Beyond the Street

    Here’s a book that gets two thumbs up from me and that’s before I’ve even read it – which I’m planning to this weekend. The reason I like it already is not because I am featured in it! – but I admire the work that has gone into it. At least two years of almost […]

  • Classic Brazilian graffiti footage

    I was first properly introduced to Brazilian Graffiti through Ignacio and Louise at Lost Art. In 1999 they sent me copies of Fiz magazine – a magazine designed by Os Gemeos – the magazine completely blew me away! At the time very few gringos were aware of the exciting graffiti scene that was developing especially […]