Basco Vasko interview – Juxtapoz Magazine

Earlier this year Basco Vasko, a Chilean artist I have admired for a long time, asked me to conduct an interview with him for Juxtapoz magazine. Finally its in print (see above with Dr Lakra on the cover). Finding the right questions to unravel his art and processes was quite a challenge since his highly original work defies asking the obvious ones. But in the end I learnt more about his work in the process and hopefully its an enjoyable revealing read.

Basco Vasko is one of the featured artists in my up-coming book Street Sketchbook: Journeys and someone who I have longed to publish in depth.

While I was able to contact him and include him in the Graffiti World book, its his sketchbooks that I have long been wanting to share with the world.

His high resolution images of his sketchbook art have become one of the highlights in the new book, a few pages also appeared in the Juxtapoz article…

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