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  • Wahaca Edinburgh

    Wahaca Edinburgh

    It has long been an ambition to visit Edinburgh and despite visiting Scotland many times, finally this year I made it to this wonderful city in festival season. All thanks to my on-going art consultancy work for Wahaca. For this site it was a pleasure to work with American artist Max Rippon, someone whose art I have admired and…

  • Art in the Streets – Juxtapoz Magazine

    Art in the Streets – Juxtapoz Magazine

    April’s issue of Juxtapoz is a special edition to celebrate the Art in the Streets exhibition at MOCA, Los Angeles. My small contribution to it was a piece about Belgian artist Roa who was featured in the exhibition and my last book Street Sketchbook: Journeys.

  • Roa – Mexican Adventures

    Roa – Mexican Adventures

    Roa is one of the artist’s who appears in my latest book and one who I enjoy following – so I’ve been looking forward to seeing photos from his Mexican Adventures. There is a nice book connection too, as Roa was keen to paint with some of the Mexican artists who he first got to…

  • Street Sketchbook: Journeys review

    Street Sketchbook: Journeys review

    There have been a lot of good books published recently in the field of Street Art of late. Trespass being one of them. So I’m pleased to see Street Sketchbook: Journeys getting some attention in amongst them. With some natural bias my friend Caleb Neelon has just given his perspective on the book on the…

  • Street Sketchbook: Journeys launch show

    Thanks to everyone who made it to the Street Sketchbook: Journeys launch show at Pictures on Walls. It was a hard slog getting all the work on the walls, but in the end I think the results look great. Thanks also for the following favourable reviews (where I have borrowed a selection of images from)……

  • Basco Vasko interview – Juxtapoz Magazine

    Basco Vasko interview – Juxtapoz Magazine

    Earlier this year Basco Vasko, a Chilean artist I have admired for a long time, asked me to conduct an interview with him for Juxtapoz magazine. Finally its in print (see above with Dr Lakra on the cover). Finding the right questions to unravel his art and processes was quite a challenge since his highly…

  • Street Sketchbook: Journeys – advance copy

    Street Sketchbook: Journeys – advance copy

    Finally after two years in the making I have a copy of Street Sketchbook: Journeys. This is my favourite cover as designed by Ripo although the Italian cover is also nice. There are other covers for the American & French versions… Here is a little info about the book, but in the simplest terms this…

  • Street Sketchbook: Journeys

    Street Sketchbook: Journeys

    So its been over two years in the making but it’s coming soon… My latest book, Street Sketchbook: Journeys is now appearing for pre-release on Amazon. I’ll be writing more about it in the coming months, the official release date is 27th September – with a launch party in London lined up for the 1st October.…