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  • KomaFest – Vardø, Norway

    KomaFest – Vardø, Norway

    Next stop – Komafest – Vardø, Norway! This has to be one of the most faraway places for a street art festival and so in the spirit of adventure I was very pleased to accept an invitation to attend later this July. Vardø is very faraway indeed – north of the Arctic tree-line, most of the time […]

  • Alexandre Farto – Selected Works

    Alexandre Farto – Selected Works

    Alexandre Farto aka Vhils – Selected Works 2005/2010 is in stores now. I was honoured to contribute to this book with the preface. I have long been a supporter and champion of Alex’s work so it was great to add my words in this new book. There is also an excellent piece written by Miguel Moore […]

  • Street Sketchbook: Journeys – advance copy

    Street Sketchbook: Journeys – advance copy

    Finally after two years in the making I have a copy of Street Sketchbook: Journeys. This is my favourite cover as designed by Ripo although the Italian cover is also nice. There are other covers for the American & French versions… Here is a little info about the book, but in the simplest terms this […]

  • Beyond the Street

    Here’s a book that gets two thumbs up from me and that’s before I’ve even read it – which I’m planning to this weekend. The reason I like it already is not because I am featured in it! – but I admire the work that has gone into it. At least two years of almost […]

  • Vhils in Colombia

    Abundantly creative is perhaps the best way to describe Vhils, a young Portuguese artist who constantly innovates with new techniques and approaches to his art. I’ve long been a supporter of his work – and was lucky enough to be able to invite him Cans Festival in 2008. It was also a pleasure to feature […]