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  • Autumn Season @ Rich Mix

    Autumn Season @ Rich Mix

    Trying to catch up on blog posts… In my recent design work for Rich Mix, Talvin Singh graces their latest Autumn Season events brochure. You can see the rest of brochure online via the rather handy Issuu platform – see link There is always so much to see with a music & arts programme that is ahead of […]

  • Rolê CD design

    Rolê CD design

    A little late in posting this but still looking and sounding fresh is the new CD from Mais Um Discos. UK-based Brazilian music label Mais Um Discos asked me to design their latest music compilation which was released just in time for the world cup. As on a previous job we decided to work with […]

  • Joga Bola! – Printed, painted, pasted & animated

    Joga Bola! – Printed, painted, pasted & animated

    So the World Cup goes to Germany (deservedly) and despite Brazil’s shock at the end of the tournament it was a very memorable world cup. Without Fifa are the ultimate winners in all this but the world’s focus on Brazil can only have been a good thing if we put the one to one side. […]

  • Sustrans – Wildlife Corridors

    Sustrans – Wildlife Corridors

    Since relocating to the South West some months ago it’s been a pleasure to re-connect with old clients and cultivate new ones in the area. There is so much going on here culturally and in terms of big ideas its a great hub for green and sustainable thinking. I’ve always been a fan of Sustrans, […]

  • Hotseat @ University of Gloucestershire

    I was put in the “Hotseat” this week as I gave a lecture to the BA Graphic Design students at the University of Gloucestershire. I was the last speaker of 10 visiting the students in the hotseat programme. The third year students had created the hotseat project to document the visiting lectures, providing notes to the […]