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A little late in posting this but still looking and sounding fresh is the new CD from Mais Um Discos. UK-based Brazilian music label Mais Um Discos asked me to design their latest music compilation which was released just in time for the world cup. As on a previous job we decided to work with a Brazilian Street artist for the main image and in this case it was the wonderful Danilo Omwisye (Zéh Palito).


His artwork (collaborating with artist Fumero) was perfect for our gatefold design in expressing the many sides of new Brazilian music. It also made for nice image for the two-disc CD which is full of great tracks…


More about the CD – rolê translates as ‘let’s roll’ in Brazilian Portuguese and Mais Um Discos’ label head Lewis Robinson ‘rolled’ around ten Brazilian states to pull together 43 tracks that represent some of the most exciting artists and micro-scenes in Brazil now.

To listen or buy the music – link here!

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