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  • Huck Magazine article

    Huck Magazine article

      Huck is a bi-monthly magazine rooted in skate, surf, snow, music, art and activism. I contributed to the latest issue no.30 which is an ‘Art Special’. Firstly I wrote a piece entitled “The Fundamentals of Street Art” – which outlined what I believe to be the key ingredients in this art form. Secondly they […]

  • Memoria Canalla – (Scoundrel Memory)

    _SCOUNDREL MEMORY_ from B a s t a r d i l l a on Vimeo. In 2009 I took part as a guest speaker in a project called Memoria Canalla held in Bogota, Colombia. At the heart of the project was an exhibition exploring the history of graffiti in Colombia from its political roots […]

  • Bastardilla, Ramon Martins & Rene Almanza

    Three artists from Latin America who deserve a mention and who currently have shows in Europe. All three are featured in my new book. Bastardilla from Colombia has an exhibition in Madrid currently before heading over to the UK. The irrepressible Ramon Martins from Brasil has his second show in Paris with Galerie Géraldine Zberro. Galerie Géraldine […]