Memoria Canalla – (Scoundrel Memory)

_SCOUNDREL MEMORY_ from B a s t a r d i l l a on Vimeo.

In 2009 I took part as a guest speaker in a project called Memoria Canalla held in Bogota, Colombia. At the heart of the project was an exhibition exploring the history of graffiti in Colombia from its political roots to today’s vibrant graffiti culture. Accompanying the project, a film was produced to provide a context for the exhibition and its various satellite workshops.

The documentary features images and views of both local artists and people who have devoted part of their work to study the graffiti in Colombia, not only from its aesthetic aspect but from the political and social too .

Finally, I’m happy to say the film  is available to view online with subtitles  – a short clip of which was used in Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop Street Art documentary.

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