Raw + Material = Art

I was happy to see the work of Anouk Kruithof on the cover of the latest Thames and Hudson 2012 catalogue which also signals the publication of my new book [amazon_link id=”0500289913″ target=”_blank” ]Raw + Materials = Art: Found, Scavenged and Upcycled[/amazon_link]. Kruithof is a talented artist from the Netherlands who recently had her first UK solo show at the new B&N gallery in London, her work has a tactile quality with a personal and original approach to materials. These are some of the themes within this new book and I can’t really do better in describing the book than the press release:

[amazon_link id=”0500289913″ target=”_blank” ]Raw + Materials = Art: Found, Scavenged and Upcycled[/amazon_link] showcases the work of 38 truly innovative and inspirational artists who use low-cost, low-tech media and often totally original techniques to produce work that defies categorization and pushes the boundaries of art itself. Many of them repurpose utilitarian or scrap materials, from unglamorous items of domestic waste, found wood and even organic detritus such as skin and nails to recycled toys, books, skateboards, firecrackers and lights. Others show creative approaches to traditional or proven media such as paper, stone, concrete and steel. The ingeniously crafted and thought-provoking results range across a broad spectrum, from intimate paper collages to large public sculptures constructed from discarded wood. Anyone fascinated by the extraordinary creativity currently emerging at the raw edge of contemporary art will find this book compelling reading.


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