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  • Escif Interview – Juxtapoz Magazine

    Escif Interview – Juxtapoz Magazine

    I’m very pleased to have in my hands a copy of this month’s Juxtapoz which features an interview I made with its cover star – Escif. I’ve been lucky enough to have followed his development over the last five years so it was a pleasure to be asked by Escif  to interview him about his […]

  • Insitu Festival Caceres

    This summer saw the birth of another new street art festival – this time in the beautiful walled city of Caceres – (which reminds me of my days working for WOMAD, who produce a great festival there every year). The festival is called Insitu and is the brain-child of San, a very talented artist from Madrid […]

  • Breakin-the-wall

    Out of the Sth returns in 2010 – this brilliant street art festival co-curated by Sławek ZBK Czajkowski aka Zbiok is back again in Wroclaw, Poland. I wish I had been able to attend! International painters creating murals include many artists I’ve have featured in books in the past and with whom I am also […]

  • Offerings to the volcano

    The eruption of southern Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull caused chaos over the last week and I think many of us will know some one effected. Escif’s show at Pictures on Walls was short of 30 Spanish visitors who were meant to arrive for the opening night. Friends of mine also found themselves stranded in Chicago, while other […]

  • Escif – Around the Wall

    Escif is an artist I was first introduced to in 2006 by Blu, who recommended him for inclusion in the Street Sketchbook book. Since meeting him back then in Barcelona and the publication of Street Sketchbook, Escif’s work has continued to grow and develop. Constantly painting and producing, his techniques have become honed over time […]