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  • Street Sketchbook: Journeys review

    Street Sketchbook: Journeys review

    There have been a lot of good books published recently in the field of Street Art of late. Trespass being one of them. So I’m pleased to see Street Sketchbook: Journeys getting some attention in amongst them. With some natural bias my friend Caleb Neelon has just given his perspective on the book on the…

  • Arte Para Todos photos

    A while back I posted news about the Arte Para Todos Mural Art festival in Seville. The whole project and list of artists looked intriguing with a number of artists I knew. Since then Caleb Neelon sent me a bunch a photographs he took while he himself took part. Above is an amazing production by…

  • Arte Para Todos

    Just heard about this mural festival in Seville – Arte Para Todos, which features a number of artist friends of mine such as Caleb Neelon, Finok, Ise, AEC and Waone. I like the way the artists are donating their skills for free, should be fantastic.