Music Design – Various

  • Role - Music Packaging
  • Role - Music Packaging, Mais Um Discos
  • Role - New Sounds of Brazil - Music Packaging
  • Role - New Sounds of Brazil - Music Packaging
  • Elza Album Design
  • Daora Music Packaging, Mais Um Discos
  • Daora Music Packaging, Mais Um Discos
  • Badmeaningood Vinyl
  • Badmeaningood CD series
Demon Music, EMI, Mais Um Discos, Nascente, Real World, Tumi Music, WOMAD
About This Project

In the last decade music packaging has seen a dramatic shift into the digital realm. Many music releases are mp3 only, while the accompanying packaging is reduced to a digi packshot. Despite this there is a still an appreciation and need for music packaging to convey the contents of a music publication.

I have been lucky enough to work with a number of record labels over the years including EMI, Demon Music, Real World, WOMAD, Tumi Music, Nascente, Universal, Whoa, Sasa Music and most recently Mais Um Discos with the aim to create exceptional packaging. This has included many genres of music from hip-hop to pop, to dance, world music and reggae.

In designing for this wide-range of musical styles I have taken numerous approaches, such as setting up my own photo shoots and creating my own digital illustrations. I have also collaborated with and commissioned talented photographers and illustrators when a specific look was needed.