Pictures on Walls

For a number of years I have been commissioned by Pictures On Walls to source and work closely with artists to develop their ideas and take them through to the production and publication of their collectable screenprint limited editions.

The role has been a dream job – combining my background in design and art direction with my knowledge and experience with international contemporary artists. Consequently we have been able to collaborate with artists who have been showcased in my books such as Blu, Ericailcane, Sam3 & Vhils to name a few.

Each edition presents its own creative and technical challenges. To bring the artist’s ideas to life we have used a wide variety of papers, techniques and finishes – from embossing to varnishing and even screenprinting with ink and bleach. In the process we have been able to show each artist how to get the most out of the medium while always learning something new ourselves.

Besides the screenprints Pictures on Walls also publishes artists’ books, stickers, zines, newspapers, T-shirts and other merchandise, all of which I have helped design and produce. POW also holds exhibitions and events with which I have been involved, such as helping to curate the two Cans Festivals in London, 2008.



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