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I’ve just launched a Mexican Art website store to showcase prints by some fantastic artists from Mexico City, Monterrey and Oaxaca. These young, up-and-coming artists often use traditional techniques such as wood cuts, lithography, etching and ceramics in contemporary ways. 

This links with art consultancy work my wife Olivia Manco and I have been doing with Wahaca and DF/Mexico. See previous post.

It started out as a request from customers at DF/Mexico wanting to know where the art on the walls was coming from and if they could buy it – so we made a site to focus just on the Mexican Art. It’s a work in progress, which I will continue to add to – please give it a visit. Thanks T

Website designed and built by myself using WordPress.

See below for some samples of the art we are showcasing.

Mazatl - El Principo
Mazatl – El Principo
Uriel Marin - Vengo de la Tierra y a Ella Regresare
Uriel Marin – Vengo de la Tierra y a Ella Regresare
Daniel Acosta - Eukarya X
Daniel Acosta – Eukarya X

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