Lambe Lambe

Lambe Lambe, printing Sao Paulo

In Sao Paulo, there are apparently only two print shops left that still use traditional woodblock printing, I was lucky enough to visit one of them – the Grafica Fidalga workshop. Generally they are kept busy by a regular trade for flyposting advertising gigs around the city. Due to the city cracking down on flyposting the days of woodblock printing may be numbered. The posters are known as Lambe Lambe which translates and “lick-lick” refering to the way they are pasted on the walls.

Choque Cultural Gallery, who I work with have been using the workshop more and more to create show posters and are beginning to bring artists to the workshop to create woodblock art prints.

Choque Cultural show posters.

Lambe Lambe poster with Kboco street painting on top.

Example of Lambelambe on the streets. Noite de Mini Saia (Night of the mini skirts)

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