I have long been a fan of the artist collective 9eme Concept – a great group of artists who for years have found a way to work together and support each others work. Artists include Stéphane Carricondo, Veenom, Mambo, Ankhone, Jerk 45 and in previous years Alexone.

My introduction to them started with a visit to their studios in Paris in around 2003 when I first produced a reportage for Creative Review about them and more recently around one year ago I made a quick visit to their new space. They also now have a gallery space where they have been producing some great experimental shows.

Teaser exposition Stéphane Carricondo & Orlando Diaz “Infini” à l’Arrière Boutique from Jules 9e on Vimeo.

A recent show called ‘Infinity’ at their L’ Arriere-boutique space really caught my attention. ‘Infini’ was a collaboration between painter Stéphane Carricondo and musician Orlando Diaz Corvalan. The idea was to bring two people together – one musician interested in fine arts and one artist passionate about music and see how they could interact.

Orchestrated by a metronome and the artists’s pen together they created a body of work set to rhythm. The exhibition displayed the resulting images side by side and the final result was a beautiful book of poetry and drawings created by this collaboration.

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