Chicha Posters – Creative Review

This month’s Creative Review Magazine (Jaunary 2010) features an article about the Chica poster culture of Peru. These posters are screenprinted with fluorescent colours typically with a strong black background. The designs are drafted by hand and with extraordinary skill, each layer of colour is the result of a hand cut paper stencil. Although I had seen similar posters in Mexico these Chicha posters have a very distinct aesthetic and culture behind them. I was made aware of their existence through my friend Nano from Equipo Plastico and through him I managed to reach Jules Bay a curator in Lima an expert in this area to find out more. It was fascinating story and so I approached Creative Review with the concept of a feature article on this subject. Like last year’s January 2009 issue which I was also involved with, Creative Review decided that it would be exciting if the cover of CR could be made in Lima using this technique – within weeks the cover image was designed and printed in Lima and now on news stands around the world…

A documentary was also commissioned which can be seen here


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