Carlos Dias- Alem

Carlos Dias is a Brazilian artist I’ve been lucky enough to follow for around 6 years now. Originally from Porto Alegre he now spends his time between Sao Paulo and his studio in Florianopolis. Essentially self-taught, Carlos is also a musician but in recent times has been able to devote himself to painting. The last few years spent concentrating in this one field have clearly paid off as these confident and vibrant paintings prove. He’s fast becoming Choque’s most sought after and collected artist.

He currently has an exhibition with his gallery Choque Cultural in Sao Paulo at their Rua Joao Moura space. These beautiful photographs here are lifted from my friends Lost Art’s website – you can see more here.

I only wish I could have been there for the opening as it looks like an amazing and immersive show – I love the theme of hands which has been carried across to the front of the building with these great woodblock posters…

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