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Viva Brazil logo design

With only a few months to go until the World Cup in Brazil I’m pleased to be involved in a number of Brazil themed projects including an artist mural, exhibition and workshop project at Rich Mix in London soon to be announced…

In the meantime here are a couple of logo projects on a Brazilian theme…

The first was completed last year for Instituto BR a new consultancy aimed at promoting 21st century Brazil via contemporary Brazilian culture, and the Brazilian Portuguese language. For Instituto BR I was asked to create a family of logotypes which could be used in different design and communication contexts. The inspiration for the logo came from the central diamond used in the Brazilian flag which turned into a repeat pattern could be used to describe the shape of Brazil.

business_card visuals.indd

More recently I was commissioned to design a logo for a new series of CD releases for Universal Records. This up coming series will feature many albums from their excellent back catalogue plus new material. I created a logo that could be adapted to different formats for usage on a social media campaigns, print campaigns and album design. The logo is inspired by Lambe Lambe – a particular style of letterpress poster, made famous by the print shop Grafica Fidalga in Sao Paulo. Having commissioned Grafica Fidalga to produce posters in the past I made use of type examples in my personal collection of Lambe Lambe to produce this design.




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