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Some late news prompted by seeing this lovely photography book on my shelf (designed by myself!). I am a big fan and friend of the wonderful photographer Barry Cawston. Barry’s work has won many awards and his is typically known for his landscape and interior photography shot on a large format camera. He has a great eye for those spaces in between, for colour, pattern and texture and we both share a love of travel.

After working together on logos and CD cover concepts for the excellent Ramona Flowers – Barry asked me to design a book of his recent photographic work to coincide with an Exhibition at Atkinson Gallery. It was my first experience in designing a book that would be produced digitally. There has been a huge rise of on-demand printing options and after some research we decided to use Blurb.

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I created the book in Indesign as I found it gave me the maximum control in the layout but Blurb also offers good off-the-shelf layouts which can be found on their website, which can be used on-line and are not too bad for a simple book. Although as a designer I needed more control of the text and styling. We produced two versions a small paperback and then a larger format cloth bound hardback version which can be purchase and viewed here.

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