Nascente & Fuego Records

From around 2000 onwards I began collaborating with Nascente Records – a world music label who were putting out some great, expertly curated compilations. My approach was to enliven available images with my own found textures, bespoke typography and graphics – all which involved research into the musical heritage of the albums.

Designs included King Tubby – King Dub, U-Roy – Super Boss, Best of U-Roy, Planet Zulu – Heavenly A Cappella Vocals and Pulsating Grooves Direct from South Africa, Kaled – Best of the Early Years as well as designing printed catalogues for the label.

Fuego Records was launched in 2002 by the Nascente Records team to release new electronic and house music. The idea behind the label was to showcase music for the dance-floor that had worldwide musical influences.

For Fuego I was responsible for setting up their brand identity, which included designing the logo and distinctive labels. Our approach for the label was to work with different graffiti artists and illustrators, aiming to match an artist’s style to the  album’s music. Each album used different typography to match the artist’s and musical vibe – often retro/funky and in some cases bespoke designed.