Badmeaningood – Banksy

BadMeaninGood was a compilation series started in 2002 by Whoa Music and Ultimate Dilemma, illustrated and art directed by Banksy. My role in the project was as a graphic designer working on the layout, logo and typography. Each album was released on vinyl and digipack – alongside promotional items – Record store cards, posters and beer mat flyers.

The compilations were a mix of everything from reggae, funk, rock, rap, jazz and soul, giving an insight into the personal musical journey of key figures in UK hip hop.

Visually the design used a strong combination of black and white and a spot colour for each album. We used an X (poison) symbol on the cover to indicate something ‘bad’, while the bespoke blocky typography had a 70s retro vibe to it.

The Digipack format worked well for Banksy’s art, with a narrative running from the cover, to inside spreads through to the back cover.

Playing around with the idea of BadMeaninGood, Banky’s images for each album tell a story based on something ‘bad’ becoming good – for example; a tank that has bunny ears, procreating to make lots of baby tanks…

Each CD package contained either a booklet or a fold-out poster.