Thames and Hudson

About This Project

I am the author of numerous art and design books published by Thames and Hudson. As an author my role is to propose the concept, supply text and images for each book, while also applying my design direction to the layout and aesthetic of each title.

Stencil Graffiti (2002), Street Logos (2004) & Graffiti Brasil (2005) all have a similar paperback format (23 x 22 cm) – an ideal size at an affordable price for the target market.

Street Sketchbook (2007) and Street Sketchbook: Journeys (2010) were my first hardcover books (30 x 21.6 cm). The idea behind their design is that they look and feel like real used sketchbooks with a substantial hard cover and rounded corners. Street Sketchbook won an British Book industry award for its jacket design which also featured a spot varnish picking out the illustrations by Will Barras.

Raw + Material = Art (2012) is the largest format size yet (23.9 x 33.8 cm). The design was set to make the most of full sized images of the art works featured in the book. The yellow flecked paperback cover gives a heavy-weight textural feel to the book, while the die-cut detail reflects the craft element of the books content.

The Street Sketchbook covers feature bespoke typography commissioned from Andy Rementer & A.J.Purdy. Street Sketchbook: Journeys cover typography is by the Ripo. Each book has been printed in numerous language editions which often have a different cover.

Art direction, Curation, Thames and Hudson