Boa Mistura in Bogota

Boa Mistura in Bogota


I don’t often blog about art projects that I haven’t been involved in but this one is a great example of good practice and is pretty impressive. This new work has just been shared by Boa Mistura, an five person artist collective from Madrid who I featured in my last book Big Art/Small Art, and a group I love to follow… Featuring a leaf design and the word ‘Vida’ this is a vast celebratory work and 5.000m2 has become the largest painted mural in Bogota.


What I enjoy about Boa Mistura’s work is the way they are able to connect with local communities and facilitate projects that highlight social causes even in their role as “outsiders” by the fact they are visiting artists. It seems to come down to good planning and sensitivity that they research their projects many months in advance and work with local people and authorities so they don’t impose ideas but facilitate local ones with their own particular skills…

In their own words here is some more about the project… The Vida piece remembers the 457 families that have been relocated in this new urbanization of social homes. Since a little more than two months ago they have being living together. Each family comes from a different place of the country. They have nothing in common, the ones that come from the pacific with the ones that come from the Caribbean, the amazon zone and the mountain. The only thing in common that they share is, the drama of running away without looking backwards, leaving their lands, their costumes and most of their families, as concequence of the terrible armed conflict that their country lives.

In this context is where the Boa Mistura´s mural appears, with the participation of the neighbors and the inhabitants, to transform the new place where they live and to build new relationships, enforcing the community’s new identity. The work consists in a giant leaf, formed by hundreds of little leafs that are organized in a way that can be read the word VIDA (life). Each one of those leafs belongs to the most significant species of the different ecosystems of the country, making a parallelism with the people that live in this new building with the symbolic representation of their place of origin. It is bringing them a little piece of their land.